Paul van den Hout

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20th Century Nostalgia (T65), 2013

wood, paint, 224cm x 56cm x 74cm

7,500 USD

The pixeled sculptures I make originate in the principle of censorship, either positive or negative. In my recent work I am using the pixeled image also for showing phenomena in our surroundings that are bound to change or disappear (or already have done so).

Pixelation can be seen as a transformative stage of the slowly dissolving image, already blurred in eye and mind.

The T65 was the standard green/greyish model telephone issued by the PTT, the national Dutch telephone and postal company in 1965. Almost every connection in the Netherlands was equipped with this model.

Desk telephones are now almost obsolete. As an object and with its typical horn it is an iconic object, about to disappear. But thinking of all the secrets, tender whispers, business deals and emergency calls spoken through this device, it is hard to imagine a more romantic object.

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