Philip Emde

[Philip Emde , untitled (Paperwork) ; 2013 ; graphite and spraypaint on paper ; 117 x 117 cm ]

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untitled (paperwork), 2013

graphite and spraypaint on paper , 117cm x 117cm


Philip Emde presents a series of untitled works using graphite and spray paint on paper. Upon close

inspection, the pieces’ processes of creation become visible to the viewer in the form of labor- and

force-intensive strokes applied over the entire paper surface. Each work is the product of a series

of unnecessary acts, repeated ad infinitum until the making of another one is physically impossible.

These thousands of marks imply an inconceivably long period of time spent on their creation, but

the artist’s dedication to this period is what gives the work its final immediacy for the viewer. The

repetitive markmaking actions give way to broader abstract structures that can be clearly viewed

from afar. The works are physical manifestations of melancholy emotions, visually dark yet also

connotative of the productive qualities of such feelings. On their reverse sides, vivid color shadows

are produced by the drawings’ backings, displaying the more optimistic sensations stimulated by

introspection and melancholy contemplation.

Claire Mirocha

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