Sarah Fuller

[The Banff Bubble situated within the exhibit "My Banff" at the Art Gallery of Alberta. May 2011.]

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The Banff Bubble, 2011

Photographs, plaster, acrylic dome, wood finishing., 57" x 72" x 72"

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The topography in my sculpture is build from traditional model train materials, but the buildings and people within my circle are represented in two- dimensional cut outs constructed from photographs I have taken throughout the town. On each photo is a fragment of a story or description of what I associate with the building or person in the image. These are places or people that are personally relevant or significant to my life here. This includes the houses where my friends reside, my place of work or houses that I like architecturally. I have also collected stories from friends and acquaintances from town which I've integrated either in the written stories on the cards or by recreating through miniature scenes within the sculpture. In a way, this is my form of resistance to the perception that Banff is only a tourist town. By 'tagging' and including places and people that I connect with, I'm trying to re-invent my version of this place.

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