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Communal Table, 2014

Installation with sculptures by 12 artists, table: wood, acrylic enamel paint, hardware, 120" x 160" x 31.5"


"Communal Table", curated by Björn Meyer-Ebrecht, took place in Meyer-Ebrecht’s studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn during the Bushwick Open Studios Weekend, May 29 to June 1, 2014. Artists included Andy Cross, Joy Curtis, Rico Gatson, Lars Kremer, MaryKate Maher, Ellie Murphy, Ben Pedersen, Marc Andre Robinson, Lynn Sullivan, Ian Umlauf, Danielle Webb and Letha Wilson.

"Communal Table" was a sculpture show I organized in late spring 2014 at my studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The show consisted of 12 sculptures presented on a table that I built. The title, Communal Table, riffs on the ubiquitous yet hollowed-out use of the expression in the restaurant industry. The communal table of this show aspired to an earlier, utopian idea of a platform where members of the community gather to share and debate ideas. By including 12 artists, I wanted to create a map of the sculptural conversations that have formed and informed my own recent sculptures. I selected artists well-known to me, with whom I have a history of exchange and shared ideas, as well as artists whose work I did not know in depth, but whose work had recently gained my attention. The table is a sculpture in its own right, not simply a neutral plinth. Central to its design is the construction and pattern of the tabletop surface. Colorfully painted wooden planks form a grid of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines. The pattern consists of fragments of larger geometric systems, similar to various languages and systems that would intersect on the surface.

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