Megan and Murray McMillan

[When We Didn't Touch the Ground, 2012]

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When We Didn't Touch the Ground, 2012

single-channel HD video, 5m 8s, Dimensions Variable


When We Didn't Touch the Groundincludes a single-channel video, a site-specific video installation and a series of photographs. This work is an homage to the environments that the artists created as children,reinterpreting the sites of their early imaginative lives to explore what it means to combine creative worlds.From towers of stacked furniture to a dammed up creek to a treehouse that can only be accessed by a long climb up bedsheets, the McMillans havere-created these seminal, inventedsites of their childhoods. These places and narrative play-scapes are the root of their practice.When We Didn't Touch the Groundis a re-creation of these familiar spaces of youth: that liminal moment between the intensity of a child's play and the call to dinner.

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