Kaeko Mizukoshi

[Video still]

Hymn, 2009

HDV, 4m 50s, Dimensions Variable

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“Hymn” is a single channel video that depicts an occurrence at a bus stop in Los Angeles, a city where the use of the public buses is one of the symbolical elements that defines the strata of society. Seemingly a documentary film, “Hymn” is actually carefully manipulated. Although the sound on the first blackout scene is original, the repetition on the last blackout scene is duplicated. The simple operation that puts the invention into the documentary film, conversely, clearly depicts frustration of people and the reality that cannot be distinguished from the manipulated fiction. These two blackouts throw the viewer into the total darkness, surrounded by the insanity of the audio cacophony of the repeated voices of praising words by a woman and the shouts by a man.

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