June Pak

[Paint Job 1: Massayoshi’s Bedroom, Toronto, ON, 2004]

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Paint Job: social exchange between art and everyday, 2004- on-going, 2008

Digital prints, text, video, performance, x 11 x 17", Duration Variable

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Paint Job is an on-going project that engages with everyday life and its social dynamic. It emphasizes the dialogue and the interaction rather than the final art as a tangible product. The colour swatch I am using in this project is called “Algonquin Autumn”: The name of the colour series suggests the idea of the Great Northern Ontario landscape and its pivotal role in the Group of Seven’s paintings, and the underlining reflection on the Canadian cultural identity. As an immigrant from Korea, the act of “self-invitation” to various Canadian homes is an intriguing play on the idea of ownership.

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