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[Watch Hill Ferry Terminal, NY]

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Watch Hill 05.27-06.09.2014, 2014

Acrylic, ink, and spray-paint on 20 panels with wood and composite decking board, Dimensions Variable


I was in residence for two weeks at Watch Hill from May 27 to June 10, 2014. During this time, I created artwork that related to the environment of the Fire Island National Sea Shore. This mixed media work is based on direct observations of the night sky over Watch Hill. Each night, I drew the arrangement of constellations, satellites, planets, and clouds that were visible from the deck of the house that I was living in. This resulted in fourteen pen and ink drawings that became the reference for the painted panels. Each morning, after inking-in the pencil sketch from the night before, I plotted and tranferred that information to the series of panels that became a grid of paintings. Fourteen of the panels relate directly to their pen and ink counterparts while the remaining six panels relate to the landscape of the National Sea Shore. While working on the grid of panels, I consciously connected each through my process of painting. This culminated into a painted sculptural installation that includes all twenty panels from the grid as well as dimensional elements that reference the boardwalk trail at Watch Hill – my daily routine was to walk the trail at least twice. Being able to explore a place for several consecutive days allowed me to get lost in its character, provide refined observations, see connections, and enabled my reflections to filter into the process of creating. Ultimately, I arrived at a personal interpretation of a place that not only meditates on subtle shifts that occur every day but also demonstates how the elements of nature are unified.

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