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[Chili Peppers]

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Falling From Grace..., 2010

Film, 30" x 30"

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Falling From Grace…I am interested in the facades people present to hide things about themselves.I look for the smallest details to understand what might lie underneath.My pictures are not so much portraits of the models, as a view of interior life. Each image is informed by the others.In this series of portraits I constructed a system where food becomes a barrier, symbolic of the obstacles we create to disguise our intimate feelings. It is not the models’ faces that suggest the emotion, but the way the food is presented. Together the portraits in this series present a feast: fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, cake.We are not sure whether they provide nourishment or taunt us with the gifts. They offer and withhold at once.Despite their forthright appearance the images suggest a tension. They connect to the audience and disengage simultaneously, proposing a precarious intimacy. The photographs hover between strength and vulnerability, and speak to issues of connections and trust. Lydia Panas 2011

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