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Erasmusbrug 1, 2006

Mailbox on bridge, 67d 0h

Contact Regarding Availability

On May 8, 2006 I installed a mailbox on the Erasmusbridge, the number one landmark of Rotterdam, claiming it as my new postal address. People were invited to send mail to:

N. Post

Erasmusbrug 1

3072 Rotterdam


After a few days various weblogs started picking up on the project and 3 national newspapers in the Netherlands did an article about it, increasing the amount of incoming mail. On July 14, 2006 the city of Rotterdam decided that is was enough and removed the mailbox. They send a nice email about it and gave me the opportunity to pick up the mailbox and the last mail.

In the 9 weeks the mailbox was installed I received 134 pieces of mail.

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