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The Trinity, 2013

performance, video installation; painting, hair and fur on canvas, 42" x 53", 5m 30s


This is a development of ‘Paying Homage to Buddha’, also consists of a video of performance and paintings as sequel.

In the 'Trinity part l', I am shaving myself bald and also cutting the fur off the mink coat I was wearing. I then brushed my bald head with glue, kneeled down and kowtowed, thereby rejoining the fallen hair and fur to my head.

Then in the painting 'Trinity part ll', as the leftovers of 'Trinity part l', I sewed my hair and fur mixture tightly to the canvas. The detritus from a performance carries into the next work through a link in materiality, works and transfers another performance onto a canvas in it's own right through such time consuming action of scraping or sewing, also extends the boundary of a previous performance in the same time.

I recycle materials from previous works continually, until the original dissipates but is replaced by new byproducts creating a continuum "ancestry" of physical components.

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