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Marker, 2010

HD Video, 28m 0s, Dimensions Variable

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Marker 2010Runtime: 28 minutesIn the film Marker, artist/director Louise Noguchi travels to the shrines of martyred “heroes” from North America and Japan. At her ancestral countries’ landmarks, she discovers meditative spaces with mounting levels of violence in their histories.From her visits, Noguchi discovers that shrines house spirits of the past. Some Spirits offer healing to their visitors, while others require appeasement. Locations in this film include a shrine dedicated to slain priests; a shrine to a woman who practiced severe forms of penance; a house where a General and his wife committed ritual suicide; and a controversial military memorial with enshrined war-criminals.Through Noguchi’s visits to shrines, her discussions with visitors and commentary from experts, she exposes the horrific pasts of her native countries’ peaceful landmarks.

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