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Posidonia, 2014

Print on plexiglas, wood, Dimensions Variable

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The Posidonia Oceanica is an endemic specie of the Mediterranean sea which has the particularity to replicate itself in an asexual way by clonality. It multiplies identically and therefore is able to preserve her genetic pattern during thousands of years. This organism has the incredible capacity to transmit a ‘perfect’ genome during generations. However certain theories predict that during the process of cloning, the copy can be altered by somatic mutations, mistakes. In this work we have imagined the possible consequences of errors during the cloning. How could marine pollution influence its reproduction, how could it adapt to its new environment? We have used stripes of plastic and paper, imitating the shape of the plant, to recover domestic objects. Bowls, plates, tables and a chair are colonised by the fictional mutation of the sea-grass. What will be the genetic inventions of species to survive the sudden change in their habitat? The sculptures are placed beneath the sea the time of a dive. Like the plant, their shapes evolve with the currents. The images are presented in duo. They are printed directly on Plexiglas to play with their transparency. The prints are positioned on an inclined support so that the angle reaches away from the wall. The spaces between the print and the back of the wood structure/frame allows light to hit the print and project a shadow of its shape which is guessed when the viewer moves around the dimensional image.

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