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[(De)Composition A (Framed)]

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(De)Composition A & B, 2010

Archival Inkjet on Somerset Velvet, 14" x 17"

1,200 USD

(De)Composition A, 1920 and (De)Composition B, 1920 are the result of disassembling the first of Piet Mondrians iconic grid paintings. As if unrolling the painting, the rectilinear forms are systematically laid on a flat plane – disentangled from their internally stable compositional structure. If Mondrians geometric abstraction held a “naive faith in future” (Clement Greenberg) or represented “Machine Age age dreams of a utopian future” (Robert Rosenblum/Mel Bochner) then these images are a symbolic dissection of that future – a reconfiguring, dissension, and intervention upon it.

These pieces are part of larger body of work concerned with ideas of often paradoxical quest for paradise, utopia and contentment and the frequent failure to achieve such states.

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