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walkthrough, 2009

multi-channel video/audio installation, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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walkthrough is a multi-channel video/audio installation that utilizes a preexisting film entitled 3-iron by a Korean director KIM, Gi-Duk. The film portrays a man who breaks into strangers’ homes when the owners are away. The situation is not typical break-in’s. It is rather a quiet and intriguing act of care. He cleans and does small domestic chores around the house where he spends the night. He fixes small household appliances, washes their clothes, waters the plants; he cares for the house and their lives better than the owners. From the character’s strange intrusion to empty houses, I am drawing a parallel between his action and my personal interest in the in-between states that I am constantly traveling to and from.

As an extension from the character’s relation to the empty houses, I am drawing another parallel to the intriguing intersection of the filmic space and reality. To emphasize the collision between the two realities, I took a few seconds of moments in the film where a figure enters and exits the frame as a starting point for this video. Then the figure is masked with solid black, creating a silhouette of movement passing through the screen. The audio portion of the installation has been complied with found sound clips from 3-iron and recorded sounds that translate another dimension of movement.

The installation is set up with multiple mirrors as a projection device: image reflects off of the mirror and, projects circular and fragmented images of the original video. When the viewer walks around the installation space, s/he casts a shadow (which resembles the silhouette on the projected image) and becomes part of the image. The physical set up of this installation is quite simple and flexible. It can be configured to fit the space by changing the number of mirrors. The sound envelops the space with multiple sets of speakers.

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