Linda Persson

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a micro version of Death, 2013

giclee print, lamps, micro controller, wood,relayboard,magnifyingglasses,aluminium,plastic, 190cm x 55cm x 65cm, 5s


The attempt to build an apparatus for 'film without film' was an extension of my research into obsolete and entropic values via the image and through technologies. It was necessary to re-visit Eadwaerd Muybridges Zoopraxiscope to emphasize the human condition in understanding postmodern living andperception in relation to our current existence within a virtual world full of avatars and immediacies. The image is a portrait (the ghost of Bridget) with the illusion of her head turning.I'm particularly keen on Blanchot's idea through the text “two versions of the imaginary" where the place of the image gets discussed in relation to the object and highly questions what an image actually signifies.Is it a copy, a representation or something completely different?

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