Brinton K Jaecks

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Best Offense, 2006

Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable

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At the beginning of the performance the audience was escorted to a room, outside of which sat a table with safety glasses and waivers that warned of the multiple, potential dangers and injuries. Once the forms were signed the audience was told to be seated around the piece. The doors were shut behind the last viewer and guarded by the ushers. A set of rules were read aloud which encouraged the audience to speak freely about the work. The piece was then unveiled and the critique began.

The sculpture responds to sound via three electret microphones placed around the turret and is able to triangulate the direction of someone speaking. It will then turn to face the speaker and depending on how long and how loud they spoke it would respond, first by approaching them, then with a laser sight and lastly with a semiautomatic paintball cannon. The tank was locked so no one could turn it off until the critique ended, it had a battery life of 1 hour and held 60 rounds.

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