Daniel Bejar

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Get Lost! (NYC), 2010

site-specific intervention, documentation, archival pigment prints, Dimensions Variable


The “Get Lost!” project restores NYC’s Metropolitan Transit

Authority’s subway maps, signs and place names, to what they may

have geographically looked, and sounded like prior to colonial

intervention in 1609. Documented through photography,

the restorations based on 18th century cartography and toponymy

erase 400 years of accumulated history, place names,

neighborhoods, and subway lines, returning Mannahatta to it’s

original green spaces, streams, ponds, and shores the Lenni Lenape

Indians once inhabited.

Returned and inserted back into the subway system in guerrilla

fashion, these restorations provide riders a glimpse of the native, colonial, and military traces of New York City, and an opportunity

to get lost in time and space.

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