Nezaket Ekici

[photo by Juergen Bernhard Kuck, ]

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Oomph, 2007

Wood and Metal Construction, Spotlights, Paper, Knifes Belt, Costume, Duration Variable


I want to point out that Eros contains not only an erotic element but also something dangerous and radical. The performance "oomph" wants to seduce the viewer on the one side and to irritate on the other side. Eros (God of love) can be seductive and at the same time dangerous. It has its beauty from the goddess Aphrodite and the martial element of its father Ares (God of war). The artist wears a belt with dangerous knifs (30 cm) on either side. The performance wants to reflect the opposite elements hidden in Eros. In many cultures the bouncing of Hips is an erotic symbol, so e.g. in Bali, India and Africa and as well the Belly dance. In the performance, however, a certain dance does not become specified. Only the element of the bouncing of Hips is picked out. The bouncing of Hips becomes a pars pro toto for erotism. But the bouncing of Hips becomes more, because the artist cuts white paper with the knifes on either side of the belt by moving her hips. It implies as well a certain amount of violence. This shows Eros as a double Form. One could say, the work "oomph" reflects Eros in its nature as he is split up into two parts, still being one form. During the performance a beautiful Paper sculpture is created, which is as well a relict and artpiece.

presented at:

5th International Festival of Contemporary Dance Body & Eros: The Erotic Body - Teatro alle Tese (Theatre & Dance), 52nd Venice Biennale 15-17.6.2007

yearly exhibition of the Kunststiftung Baden-W├╝rttemberg, " E-Werk, Freiburg, 13.7.- 12.8.2006

photo by Juergen Bernhard Kuck, Katharina D Martin

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