Rebecca Howard

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Beyond The Visible and Back Again, 2014

80x 35mm slides, slide projector, narrative text (performed live), Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


Beyond the Visible and Back Again is an exploration into the nature of objects. The work combines both image and a spoken narrative with the intent of changing how these ordinary objects might be perceived and giving them a sense of the 'abnormal'. The series of objects focused on in the work are based upon a group of objects featured in the 2006 sci-fi television series ‘The Lost Room'; the objects featured in the series were said to possess supernatural powers and able to induce supernatural happenings. The work probes the notion of everyday objects having the ability to behave beyond their static function and creates a narrative around this. The work draws from narrative structures and cinematic techniques within different forms of fiction, in particular science and meta fiction. The objects here are presented on a series of 35mm slides and through the interplay between text and image, the piece creates animation to events and ideas beyond the visible.

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