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['The Natural Script' video documentation by Michael McNulty.]

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The Natural Script, 2014

22 min Performance. Spoken word, song, costume, mask, video, sound, sculpture , 22m 0s, Dimensions Variable


'The Natural Script' is a project originally developed during July 2014, specifically for the Live Works Performance Act Award, at Centrale Fies, Italy (in association with DOCVA, Milan), and again for the MAC International prize at the MAC, Belfast, Northern Ireland in October 2014.

Composed as a series of hallucinatory vignettes, combining baroque spoken word, experimental pop song and sculpture as totemic actor, 'The Natural Script' stages the self as psychosexual ghost story.

The performance culminates in the masked character, dressed in a satin jumpsuit, holding a sculptural figure over its knees, in a kind of reverse Pietà position.

The masked character presses down with his right hand, on the figure's back, and delicate notes resonate from the figure's anus.

The performer begins to use the sculptural figure as a musical instrument.

A psychedelic electro programmed beat begins, and the masked performer mournfully sings, initiating a magikal resuscitative sex ritual.

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