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Tag Sale Cosmology, 2013

Interactive HD Video Menu, Objects, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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Tag Sale Cosmology is an interactive installation that explores the latent potential of discarded and decorative objects. The title refers to inspiration triggered by items found at tag sales, thrift stores, and flea markets, and in a greater sense, by cultural detritus in general. The pursuit of charmingly useless, peculiarly orphaned, and otherwise obtuse objects has long been a source of influence for me, and this project boils the process down to its root element: the desire to transcend a predetermined purpose.

The objects in the installation are presented at points along a continuum between factory showroom and white cube, along with an interactive video that allows the user to investigate the objects’ capacity to eclipse their static function. By elevating these items for examination, we acknowledge their potential to inform us of our own greater purpose, providing vital feedback in the cosmic scheme of trash and treasure.

This project has also been shown in performative screening and web contexts.

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