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It's a Cold World Out Here, 2013

Mixed medium, Dimensions Variable


It's a Cold World Out Here is an on-going project exploring the plurality of contemporary political issues in a context related to consumerism and design in order to reflect the ambivalence and confusion of what one wants to be, in a social sense, and how can one do so. A comfy warm jacket was custom designed and made by the artist with the intent to actually function for protesting, or other acts that require exposure to the elements for a long period of time, such as waiting for a limited-edition collection to release in Soho, tickets for a show, or a sporting event. Ripstop nylon deflects rain and snow, Thinsulate insulation offers the warmth of down without the weight, and rabbit fur lining offers comfort and extra warmth. Velcro appliques and a clear plastic back patch allows for various messages to be projected.

The second part of this stage of the project involves a number of silkscreen prints on different substrates, six prints per edition. Displayed on clipboards, the viewer is allowed to flip through them, take one, and place it in the back of the jacket, changing the context and identity of the piece and the individual presumed within.

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