Aimée Terburg

Born: Groningen, The Netherlands
Lives: Groningen, The Netherlands

Aimee Terburg (1971) is a visual artist who graduated at the art academy Minerva in Groningen (NL) in 1994.

Within the art of abstract painting she deals with the illusion of space on a flat surface and the painting as a concrete fact. Inspirations are the movement of observation and the cultivated Dutch landscape therefore the manipulability of nature and illusion.

Aligning these illusionary and formal characteristics result in abstract landscapes that set their own rules. Not only they refer to themselves but by their layering they raise questions on how to watch these paintings.
Her search for an equivalent of observing the (cultivated) landscape and the history of observed landscapes in the art of painting, resulted in the ongoing series 'raw umber'. The uniform colour, compositions with brushstrokes and lines throws you back on the experience of perceiving.



Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • Gouden Bruin
    Museum Willem van Haren, Heerenveen, The Netherlands

Selected Group Exhibitions


Selected Collections

  • Dutch Gasunion
    Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Friesland bank
    Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Selected Awards and Grants


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