Aimée Terburg

Born: Groningen, The Netherlands
Lives: Groningen, The Netherlands

Aimee Terburg (1971) is a visual artist who graduated Cum Laude at Minerva Art Academy in Groningen (NL). As a process-based painter she reflects on the formal language of the abstract art of painting and its arising dualities.

Her process-based work characterizes itself by a precise making. The painting surfaces appear to be manufactured but are carefully handpainted. She uses acrylic paint in thin layers to construct 'spontaneous' brushstrokes or deconstruct colour fields by removing parts before they dry.
The time limit of acrylic is short. Coincidences in the process of painting -when selected- are embraced. They are repeated, rehearsed and incorporated as technique although the result still can'™t be predicted completely. These inimitable results of the one-go methods conflictingly refer to the graphic arts or analogue photography and their aspect of multiplication, therefore depicting time in a way.

Starting from that challenge in procedure and time, she researches the dynamics of the arising dualities with the formal language of abstract art and its history. By making geometric interventions and sometimes accentuating the painting as an object, her work simultaneously refers to the spatial effect of the traditional 'foreground - background', (graphic) design and minimal art. The context with known imagery is made in a historical and modern way. Aimee Terburg masterly constructs metamodern dualities; paintings that question their appearance with minimal means.



Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • the moment
    ruimteCAESUUR, Middelburg, The Netherlands
  • Gouden Bruin
    Museum Willem van Haren, Heerenveen, The Netherlands

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • Summer Exhibition 2014
    Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House, London, United Kingdom
  • Edges to Emptiness
    Dosenfabrik Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
  • Straight, Curved and Stretched
    Hein Elferink contemporary art, Staphorst, The Netherlands
  • Pop Construit
    ParisCONCRET, Paris, France
  • Nominee International Solo Award, Spring Exhibition 2014
    Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Biennial Nordwest Art Price 2013 - the Nominees
    Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Wilhelmshaven, Germany
  • MANIAC (Multi-media, Artist Network, Idea exchange, And Collaboration): Manic episode #4
    T.A.S., Groningen, The Netherlands

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Selected Collections

  • Dutch Gasunion
    Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Friesland bank
    Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Selected Awards and Grants

  • Nomination International Solo Award
    Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Spring Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Nomination Nordwest Art Price 2013
    Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Biennial, Wilhelmshaven, Germany
  • Publication
    Materiaalfonds, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Basis stipendium / Individual art grant
    Fund for Visual Arts, Design, Architecture Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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